About Shelby

Shelby White is a visual designer, artist and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, California. Starting off in photography, Shelby realized early on that he found happiness in designing and developing new projects, as well as working for himself. He began freelancing as a designer where his work ranged from print & web design to web development. This was a testament to his entrepreneurial drive. He went on to study graphic design at the Art Institute of Seattle and prior to graduating in 2010, he founded Designspiration.

Shelby has continued building Designspiration into one of the biggest and most respected design websites in the world. He continues to push forward, project after project, learning by doing and never letting “I can’t” into his vocabulary. In his newly founded company Vendorrr, an exclusive marketplace of digital assets, he aims to help creatives streamline their daily workflow by providing tools for them to utilize.

Having grown up in Orofino, Idaho, nature was a monumental aspect of Shelby’s life by allowing for great adventure and humility. At age 26, and now finding renewed inspiration in traveling, Shelby continues building his own path as a distinguished creative, ceaselessly contemplating new ways to renew his creative energy.


Based in Los Angeles, California

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